How to know exactly what Android mobile model you have

How to know exactly what Android mobile model you have

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In the world of smartphones there are many different models, but possibly you only use one or two in your day. If it has been a considerable time since you bought the terminal, also You may have forgotten some information about it, such as, for example, which model is exactly.

Fortunately, that forgetting can be solved in a matter of seconds if you know how. Attentive, because we explain below three very simple methods for you to learn to look for in your mobile which model it is.

How to know exactly what mobile model you have

On the back of the phone

The fastest method to know the model and other more information about your phone is to look at the back of it. If you flip the cell phone, see that a set of letters and numbers that have a meaning appear on the bottom of the case. Usually, The first thing you see is the model number, followed by the manufacturer and designer name, and IMEI number, of great importance.

But nevertheless, not all phones usually have this key information at the bottom of the housing. If this is your case, don't worry, you have more tools to find out the model.

Through mobile settings

The settings of your mobile phone always keep the fundamental information of the same, it is the place to go without fail when you need a specific data. Because, the best thing to find the mobile model you have is to enter Settings> About phone.

This section will show you the model number, serial number and IMEI number of your mobile phone. If that is not the case, because some manufacturers may hide the information even more, enter the section Software Information, where you can see that model number you are looking for, in addition to the installed Android version, the kernel version, the compilation number and more.

How to know mobile model

Using a third party app

Finally, if neither the telephone settings have helped you, you should know that there are third-party applications dedicated to show you all your mobile data. We are going to focus on My Device, although there are others in the Play Store as Droid Hardware Info.

After downloading and installing My Device, just open it and you enter the Device section, the first of the menu, so that all the information you are looking for appears on the screen: Manufacturer, brand, model number, hardware, serial number and much more.

Mobile model in My device

Since you have downloaded the app, you can Use it to learn more about the operating system you use, the processor, the external storage, the battery, the sensors and all the applications installed in the mobile, both the system and the user. Explore My Device and discover its functions, they can be of great help.

In short, you have three methods to check your mobile model number: you can do it watching the back of the phone, from settings or with an external app. Once you know this information, why not, you can be encouraged to try the best tricks for your Android that Google recommends you.

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