How to have night vision on your mobile with ToF camera

How to have night vision on your mobile with ToF camera

Night vision with ToF camera

ToF cameras have entered the smartphone market to stay. You still don't know what we are talking about? Well, ToF (Time of Flight) cameras or flight time cameras are those that emit infrared light beams to measure depth, being cheaper and using less processing capacity than other technologies.

These sensors stand out for their potential to improve photographs in portrait mode or facial recognition, but they also work for other applications. Specifically, in this article we will focus on its ability to turn your mobile into a night vision camera using only one application.

How to have night vision on your mobile with ToF camera

You don't need to buy the doorbell with night vision from Xiaomi. If you want to enjoy this tool, you can do it easily if you have a mobile phone with a ToF camera. The first thing you should do is download Night Vision / ToF Viewer, the application developed by Lubo Vonsek available in the Google Play Store.

In addition to the ToF camera, your mobile will also have to have the Camera2 API. If you do not have the latter, you will not be able to install the application from the start. If your smartphone meets both requirements, you can use Night Vision / ToF Viewer and check that its use does not keep any mystery.

After opening the app, you can choose Resolution of images: 240 x 180 or 20 x 15. As you can see, the options are not of great quality, but the result lives up to what we could expect. Because yes, it works, this app can take good images without needing light. You just have to open it and select the resolution to start seeing in the dark.

According to the developer himself, each color in the images has a meaning: blue represents edge detection, red depth information and yellow confidence information. In addition, the last update has meant the arrival of new functions, such as the possibility of zoom with your fingers, without buttons, or use virtual reality mode with the Daydream glasses.

At the moment, it seems that Only those who use a Huawei P30 Pro or Honor View 20 will have access to this night vision, since they are the only phones that link the ToF sensor with Camera 2. However, it is expected that other smartphones with a ToF camera will include this link in the future.

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