google pixel c

Google Pixel C, the new 10 ″ Android tablet with keyboard

One of the most curious products we met in the past rumors was the Google Pixel C, the first product of the Chromebook line to go to Android which we learned of its existence this morning.

During the Google event we have learned more details about the first productivity-oriented Android product.

Google Pixel C: First Google laptop with Android

Google seems to have changed course on their tablets. What began as an adventure in the entertainment world with the Nexus 7 ended up invading the high-end tablets with the Nexus 9, a tablet that is a great device for both entertainment and productivity, it did not end up completely.

Changing strategy again, today we know the Google Pixel C, the new tablet of the house with a completely metallic design which maintains the 4: 3 format to focus on productivity, integrating a full keyboard.

  • 10.2 ″ 2560 × 1800 display with 500 nits brightness
  • Tegra X1 SoC
  • GPU with Maxwell architecture
  • 3GB of RAM
  • USB type C
  • Lower light bar
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Integrated keyboard with magnetic closure
  • 2 day battery

google pixel c

Hardware at the height, good materials, and all the support of the great G for a new device are quite promising arguments, although with tough opponents such as Microsoft's Surface or Apple's iPad pro. On this occasion, it is not a device developed with another manufacturer like the rest of the Nexus range, but of a product 100% created by Google.

Our main doubt with the Google Pixel C is if Android is really ready to be an operating system prepared for laptops, since despite the good performance of Material Design as an interface for tablets, it has not obtained the popularity it deserved.

Google Pixel will reach a price of 499 dollars for the model without keyboard and $ 599 for the keyboard model, which can be purchased separately at a price of $ 149.

Will the Google Pixel C be the tablet that changes the perspective of users who think that Android only serves to play?

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