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Geometry Dash, the most addictive Android game

Geometry Dash, el juego más adictivo de Android

Geometry Dash, the most addictive Android game

Android games have always been much lower, both graphically and at the level of gameplay, to game consoles or computer games. Even though we can find some exceptions like Asphalt or Dead Trigger That s that are comparable to other platforms, but most Android games They are simple and with very little worked graphics.

This is something we have seen with games like Flappy Bird, which triumphed a few months ago presenting some retro graphics, prior to the fifth generation of game consoles (that of Nintendo 64 or PlayStation 1). In addition, the game dynamic of Flappy Bird is very simple; you just have to touch the screen continuously, trying that the bird does not collide with the pipes. The game was removed from the Play Store, according to the developer, Due to its high level of addiction.

Today we bring you a much more addictive game than Flappy Bird, and also with better graphics and a more worked playability. It's about Geometry Dash, a game in which you must ensure that a cube, which moves only towards the right side of the screen, manages to overcome all obstacles simply by making it jump.

Geometry Dash, the most addictive Android game

To jump just touch once on the screen, and if we keep the screen pressed the jump will be continuous, something very useful for when we have to climb steps like those in the image. Sometimes we go to a tunnel in which we must direct a ship, trying to avoid colliding with the walls. In higher levels we can find parts where gravity is removed or the screen flips, So the game will have more difficulty.

In the free version of Geometry Dash we can find six levels that we must overcome in Two modes: practical and normal. In the practical mode we will appear in the place where we have been eliminated in each level, instead in the normal mode we will have to start from the beginning of each level when we are eliminated. If we want to enjoy more levels we must buy the paid version for 1.56 euros.

Geometry Dash, the most addictive Android game

Another of the things that this game deserves to be downloaded for is the songs that we can find in each level. These songs of electronic music will make the game more enjoyable and they can be a perfect claim by developers for users to download the game.

Google Play | Geometry Dash Lite

Google Play | Geometry Dash