Forgot your password? Learn how to quickly unlock your cell phone | Technology and science | Mobile

Forgot your password? Learn how to quickly unlock your cell phone | Technology and science | Mobile

It is clear that put a key It is advisable to prevent anyone from checking the smartphone or tablet, both at home, at work or if it becomes stolen. As long as, logically, they are not the equipment that allows the unlocking with the fingerprint.

If you forget any of those unlocking options it is very certain that you may experience a possible panic attack. However, before going to the technical service ac We recommend some options to unlock it.

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(Tricks to save mobile data with your Android phone) (Android 10 | Know if your phone is updated to the new version of the operating system) If you forget the password or the pattern, one of the options to access (with versions prior to Android 7.0 ) is to call from another device and, while the call lasts,

Of course it can fail. Then you have to try again manually. But if it is done several times without success, arrive at a time when the smartphone or tablet request the email address and password, or maybe ask for an alternative email address where recovery data should be sent.

On the other hand, those who use a pattern with Android before Lollipop (5.0), when drawing it for the fifth time, the cell phone ask with a very cordial tone if you forgot the design you had chosen. Upon entering that option, you can enter the cell phone with the PIN (4 to 6 numbers, user-defined and used to block the start of the computer when it is turned off) or the Gmail account.

But nevertheless, What happens if you forget your PIN? Do not worry because in that case, it will be necessary to resort to PUK (Personal Unlocking Key), another key used to unlock the device. This new code must be provided by the operator. It is possible to obtain it online or request that another line number be sent via SMS.

The option Smart lock Google performs an automatic lock and unlock. For that it is necessary to configure it previously, from the Settings section, then Security and Screen Lock. When activated, it blocks the device and you can also be instructed to unlock it by connecting a device via Bluetooth, through facial recognition or with the detection of use by the owner, which works with an accelerometer, the tool in charge of knowing that the device is mobilizing. For its part, Ok Google is another option.

Apps to the rescue

With the official Google Android Device Manager app it is possible change the screen lock password of a device Android from somewhere else if you forget it. It is a good way to block it if the equipment stayed at home or was stolen.

It is necessary that both devices are configured with the same account of Gmail. The devices configured with that account will appear on the app screen. It is a matter of selecting the locked device, choosing a new temporary key that will serve both to lock the device and to unlock it if you have forgotten the key.

Another app is Droid Unlatch which generates a special password of 6 numbers in case you do not remember the PIN or password. In addition, what the app does is send an SMS or an email with the code.

last resort

There is one last option before giving up if all of the above fails. Remember that it is possible to reset it as a factory, as explained in the user manual.

It is necessary to clarify that The hard reset eliminates everything that lies ahead including files, photos, videos, contacts, etc. unless they are loaded on the SD memory card. In addition, it is important to note that the SD must be removed from the device before executing the operation.