Despite everything and according to a study, iPhone users are more loyal to the brand than Android users

Despite everything and according to a study, iPhone users are more loyal to the brand than Android users

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Are you loyal to a brand? This is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions in the world of technology. The normal thing is that if one acquires the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and whose first impressions can be consulted in the following link, it is because is happy with the Samsung brand and its previous models. The same can be said if a person thinks about acquiring the future Google Pixel 4, he will do it because he is happy with what Google offers him.

Now, surely more than one Android user has flirted with the idea of ​​switching to iOS to test the operating system of the bitten apple and vice versa, more than one Apple user would have thought of acquiring an Android terminal. Therefore, who are more loyal? Android users or Apple users? Well let's get out of doubt, a study reveals the reality.

IPhone users much more loyal to the brand than Android users

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Sellcell has conducted a survey of loyalty to real users of smart phones in the United States, the favorite country of Apple phones, asking them if they will choose a different brand when they are going to acquire a new terminal.

In summary, The results are quite curious:

  • More than 90% of iPhone users They intend to buy another iPhone, these being the most loyal to a phone brand.
  • Samsung users are also quite loyal. 86% of owners They intend to buy another Samsung phone.
  • Google phone owners are also quite loyal, 84% will repeat.
  • On the other side, Motorola and LG phone owners are the most likely to change brands, up to 40% of the holders of a telephone of these firms They will look for another brand.

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The conclusions of the survey leave many doubts in the air. Are Apple users loyal to the brand because their phones are of good quality? Or on the contrary, they are faithful why it is difficult to leave iOS? Anyway, the truth is that Apple has created a great ecosystem and that so many users are happy with the Cupertino signature can not be coincidence.

And you, are you faithful to brands?

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