Cristiano Ronaldo and his new soccer game, download it for free

Cristiano Ronaldo and his new football game, describe it for free

Talk about football on Android implies reference to FIFA and also at Pro Evolution Soccer. Both have their updated version for 2019 and we can play it on our Android phones. But what if you wanted to try the official Cristiano Ronaldo game? It's also football, obviously. Although not as you imagine.

Ronaldo Soccer Clash It is a purely arcade soccer game that aims to face us in multiplayer PvP games using batches of shots and stops. The game will be stopped, one of the players will shoot and the other will stop the balls incarnating the goalkeeper. It is extremely simple, but it hooks. And enough.

Ronaldo Soccer Clash, a soccer game with multiplayer quick games

Cristiano Ronaldo and his new soccer game, download it for free

As we said, the meetings are held in the form of stopped actions: one shoots and the other stops the ball. The key to the shots is make the perfect stroke on the screen raffling the defenses and the goalkeeper. In addition, we will have different balls that will apply effects to the shot. Greater power, effect … And even freeze the defenses, Oliver and Benji.

Although the games are entertaining and fast, with series facing the best of five, Ronaldo Soccer Clash It offers such a level of extra elements to the meetings themselves that the experience ends up being watered by the enormous amount of resources to be controlled. Nothing new in games of this style since not only does the shooting ability prevail, but also how is the level of each player. All with Ronaldo acting as master of ceremonies, not too much.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his new soccer game, download it for free

The funny thing about the game is multiplayer fighting: winning the opponents means that extra adrenaline that invites you to continue playing. The graphics are also at a good level, just like the competition: Ronaldo Soccer Clash It has several classifications for players to sting after knowing who is the best.

A beta game that is now available to play

Do not expect a complete football experience, nor an arcade: Ronaldo Soccer Clash's base is to score goals and get the enemy to fail the shots when he shoots at our goal. You also have to get backpacks, boots, balls … and a lot more items to improve our character in the classification.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his new soccer game, download it for free

Download from the following link this new Ronaldo game: it is in open beta through the Google Play. It offers in-app purchases (many) and ads (few, at least for now).