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Clash Royale has a new legendary card: the Montacarneros

Supercell It is a game developer that knows how to create authentic jewels for the smartphone. Not only for its quality, but also for the expectation that each of its productions and updates creates. It only has 5 games, but it is one of the companies that earns the most money in applications. And we don't miss a bit.

You cannot fall asleep on the laurels, hence your constant renewal of the games goes through introducing news and updating the conditions of the games. In this sense, Supercell has announced a new legendary card that becomes very tempting: the Montecarneros. 5 of elixir and a destructive power that will delight any deck.

Clash Royale premieres the Montecarneros with a challenge of choice

Clash Royale has a new legendary card: the Montacarneros

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The new legendary card It is inspired by the classic Montapuercos, although varying the possibilities since it will not only attack structures, but also the characters. To do this he will use the boleros; targeting both land and air enemies. It is an extremely versatile letter and capable of sweeping the weakest characters, such as skeletons.

The letter will cost 5 elixir, is a troop type and will be available from December 25. Although, as usual in Supercell every time you prepare to launch a new card, we can get the Montacarneros a little earlier through a challenge of choice; which will begin tomorrow, Friday, December 21.

Clash Royale has a new legendary card: the Montacarneros

The challenge of choice will consist of 15 battles with the rules of the lesson: each opponent chooses four cards and receives the discards of the enemy; having the option of release the Montacarneros. With each victory prizes accumulate. And if you win the battle number 10 you take the new legendary card to add it to your deck.

You know: sign up for Montacarneros election challenge: will be available starting tomorrow Friday.