Modern Combat 5: Blackout pasa a ser free-to-play

Blackout becomes free-to-play

Image of Modern Combat 5: Blackout

To talk about the Modern Combat saga is to talk about one of the shooters most popular and successful first-person of how many have developed for mobile devices. Available for ballasts large platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone – and displaying precise controls and really attractive graphics, it has managed to position itself as a reference within the FPS genre, along with other titles such as Dead Trigger 2.

A great baggage that, however, seems insufficient for the French developer Gameloft; and is that, trying to reach a greater number of users, has made the decision to give a slap and hug the model freemium.

If so far, although it was reduced to 0.99 euros on the occasion of Valentine's Day, its customary price of 3.99 euros, in its next update, Modern Combat 5: Blackout become free, that s, with purchases in-app.

This update will make Modern Combat 5 available for free to millions of new users, and add support for controls, more weapons, a new character class, and much more.

(…) The change to the model free-to-play It means that the game will have a longer period of life, so we can make a greater investment in a long-term update plan, and on the servers we need to support a significantly large player base.

The objective of simple Gameloftes: attract more players and then obtain economic benefits through integrated purchases. A measure that, in any case, is not a dish of good taste for everyone.

Also, the company based in Pars has promised reward all those who acquired it at the time with various privileges, such as credits, unlimited energy, or temporary access as advanced users.

Current players will receive veteran status with unlimited power and many other advantages, as thanks for their support.

Personally,I hate this business model. And you? Do you see with good eyes that Modern Combat 5: Blackout becomes free?

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