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Back to school: essential gadgets to study

We fear that the back to school It is closer than ever. Whether you are studying at school, or you make the leap to college, the thing is that summer vacations are coming to an end. And, you have to prepare yourself so that your return is as hard as possible. And what better way than loaded with technology that makes things easier for you!

For this reason, and as we know that going back to school is not exactly pleasant, we have selected five devices that will help you study in a much more comfortable way. All these gadgets They are really useful, so value your purchase to improve your productivity and efficiency in class.

Smart pencil Livescribe APX-00008 Echo

Smart pencil Livescribe APX-00008 Echo

One of the best gadgets you can have for your back to school be as traumatic as possible, is this smart pencil Livescribe APX-00008 Echo. After an unpronounceable name, a really useful device is hidden: it allows you to pass all the notes you make to the computer. Ideal to computerize all your notes in record time.

Victure voice recorder

Victure voice recorder

Let's be honest: some teachers speak at devilish speed. Or, what is worse, they don't have mercy on their students, since they don't like going back to school, and they don't stop even if nobody is able to take notes. The solution? Use a voice recorder to have the most difficult classes recorded.

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In addition, considering that this Victure model has an intelligent system that detects when someone talks to start recording, in addition to its 30 percent discount, it makes it one of the best options to consider.

512GB keychain flash memory

512GB keychain flash memory

Surely, on more than one occasion you missed having a Flash memory on hand to be able to take certain documents. This model will be the solution to all these problems. The reason? Its design is ideal for use as a keychain, so it is more than likely that you always carry it on.

In addition, its 512 GB capacity will be more than enough for you to save any file you need. Are there the few exams? You can take with you all the notes you have kept with your smart pencil. What else can you ask for?

Back to school backpack

Unisex waterproof backpack with USB output

Another of the best products that you can buy so that your return to school is a success from the first day, is this waterproof backpack with USB output. To start, you can charge your phone while using it. If you add to this that rain is not a problem, and that you can carry a laptop in the most comfortable way possible, it is a model that you should not let escape.

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