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8K screens for tablets will arrive in 2020

Both in computer science and in consumer electronics we have always seen moments where manufacturers begin to fight wars of technical specifications that end up touching the absurd. Processors with greater frequency and greater number of cores, cameras with more megapixels and the current trend, screens of increasing resolution.

This last race to achieve the highest resolution is relatively new, since although the issue of resolutions has always been there, FullHD format has been the most widespread format for nearly a decade. In the middle of that life cycle, smartphones have gone from 480 × 320 resolutions to the 4K standard, and this is not going to stay there.

Tablets with 8K display for 2020 Where is the limit?

Recently, Japan Display has presented its line of 8K resolution screens. For those more technical, this standard has a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels, totaling 33 million, which has been saved.

Is there a limit? According to Yoshihiro Fujita, professor at Ehime University clarifies that 8K resolution could be the last big jump as far as resolution is concerned, and on our part we hope so.

8k 1 screen

The new 8K panels from Japan display will arrive in 2020 in 17.3-inch sizes, but It is not by far the only company which works to reach this technology, as there are companies such as Sharp or Ortus that are developing 13.3-inch and 9.6 panels respectively.

One of the main advantages of high resolution is sharpness increase of the images, although on the other hand, we have the main disadvantage that the number of pixels grows quadratically (that is, when we double the resolution, the number of pixels is multiplied by 4) requiring a greater amount of hardware resources, requiring much more power to display content without problems.

We are currently at a time when most content is in FullHD while 4K content grows at a fairly quiet pace. Do you think that when the 8K format arrives, FullHD content will remain the standard?

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