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Your mobile games download and store ads

Space problems? Your mobile could be storing ads on your devices without you noticing. Why does he do this? How much space does it occupy and how can we disable these functions? We tell you all the keys to this technique, and how to free the space they occupy.

Your mobile games accumulate garbage

A user on Reddit has noticed these days that Google Photos had appeared images and videos of ads, so he decided to gather information about the reason they were doing it.

Google PhotosA Reddit user discovered their ads in the Google Photos folder.

What the user discovered is not something that should be surprising, since some of the games were downloading ads and saving them to the device.

The ads, specifically, belonged to the UnityAds system, a Unity3D graphics engine system. This engine stands out for being the most popular in the development of mobile games, so if you have games on your mobile, it is very likely that they make use of this system.

Why do they do it?

The question is why do these games accumulate ads on our device? Normally, this is due to the principle of monetization, and that is that games at the end are a product and service that costs money, and that while their purpose is to entertain us, they must win something in return.

Ads are usually served through a platform on-line, but we must remember that they contain information. The purpose of games downloading ads is as simple as making are always available with the lowest data consumption.

Imagine that you play a game that shows a video ad every time the game ends. That ad may occupy about 2 MB, and at that time you are playing with mobile data. Imagine that the games last about 30 seconds. In the event that your mobile was not saving the ads, in each new game I would have to download them again, melting our data rate on an afternoon of games.

How can we avoid it?

The solution with which this user has given is as simple as deleting the folder with the UnityAds files and images. The visibility of the ads is something that depends on each mobile, so it is possible that your mobile is storing them and not appearing here.

Where does the ads store a game? Generally in cache, which we can access by following this route:

  • Settings
  • Applications.
  • We select a game.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Select clear cache.

Clearing the cache will remove the ads, but it is not a recommended practice since we could also delete configuration files or game progress.

It is important to assume that when a game is free, you must get the money to be financed through advertising or micropayments. Accumulating garbage is the price to pay for to avoid too high data consumption.