You can now download the light version of the search engine

You can now download the light version of the search engine

Google Go

As part of your initiative Next Billion Users, to which programs such as Android Go belong, the light version of the operating system, Google launched a cropped edition of the search engine application, oriented to devices with limited resources. Google Go was gaining popularity, especially thanks to the arrival of functions such as the ability to read articles and news aloud.

Now, Google has announced that Google Go is now available for download in all countries worldwide, and anyone can start enjoying the features of this lightweight app.

Google Go reads web pages aloud and only occupies 7 MB

The app in question comes with the idea of replace the search engine app which arrives preinstalled on most Android devices, much heavier and with a certain tendency to devour the resources of the device. Google Go has a weight of only 7 MB, and in addition to allowing searches on the web, it offers shortcuts to favorite applications, reading aloud of articles thanks to an AI-based tool and even integration with Google Lens.

Google Go also includes a page with the most popular topics of the moment and from Google ensure that function properly even when the Internet connection is not entirely stable. And when the Wi-Fi or mobile data network is not available, Google Go will be able to store our latest searches and charge them the moment we reconnect.

The app can be downloaded totally free through Google Play, and it can certainly be a very good alternative to the original search engine app for all those who have an input range terminal or who do not have a high-speed Internet connection.

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