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The Chromecast Google has become an almost essential element for many users. The possibility of transmitting any content of our phone to a Smart TV is priceless. It is ideal for using Netflix in a hotel, for example. And, if you combine it with Google Home, you have two gadgets that allow you to squeeze your possibilities to the fullest.

Obviously, these two devices separately offer a wide range of possibilities that will allow you to take advantage of them. Both solutions of the giant based in Mountain View offer impressive features, and when you see the advantages of combine Chromecast with Google Home, you'll be clearer yet.

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Improve Chromecast customization thanks to Google Home

One of the main advantages of having Chromecast and Google Home at home is that you can customize different parameters. And one of the most interesting is the name of the device. Yes, you can name the Google dongle as you want, to make your voice commands different from the usual ones. A curious option and that makes, at a minimum, fun to have both devices.

Even from Google Home podrs format the Chromecast. Ideal if you are going to buy a new model and want to take your old dongle off.

Google Home

Assign different Smart TVs through Google Home

Another of the great advantages of have both Chromecast and Google Home in your home, It has to do with the televisions in your home. It is very likely that the Smart TV in the room is the one you use the most. Well, having both devices, you can associate this TV as your favorite.

In this way, you can make, natively, always play multimedia content, movies or songs, directly on the Smart TV in the room, without having to indicate it in the voice command. A great usability detail that will save us time.

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Voice commands, the best way to control your Chromecast

To end with the advantages you have for using both Google Home and Chromecast in your home, we have voice commands. And, the great strong point of the intelligent speaker of the American giant comes with its full voice assistant. Yes, you can use the mobile application, but it is not the same as activating it directly with a simple voice command.

In this way, you can ask to play any YouTube video, your favorite Netflix series, the photos in the galley of your mobile phone … All this without having to touch your smartphone at any time. Do you have the terminal charging at the other end of the house? Quiet, Google will take care of making things easy for you.

The possibilities offered by Chromecast and Google Home They are very varied, so it is a very successful purchase. In addition, you can buy the dongle here for less than 40 euros, and the Google Home Mini for 59 euros on this link. A perfect combination to make your home smarter than ever. What are you waiting for to try these two amazing gadgets?