¡Ya podemos tener acceso Root y Custom Recovery en los Xperia Z3 y Z3 Compact!

We can already access Root and Custom Recovery on the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact!

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<p style=What great news we just had, and that is that smartphonesSony Xperia Z3 Y Z3 Compact have received thanks to XDA developer,DooMLoRD, permissionRoot Y support for the great known Custom Recovery, ClockworkMod. The work of the developers is incredible, since it has been a very short time since we saw the two for the first time, in the IFA 2014.

To carry out the process, we need a model, any of them, with the bootloaderunlocked, and we will have to puta custom kernelOnce this is done, we can installClockWorkMod (v6.0.4.7).

From ah, if we wantrootourZ3 or Z3 Compact, downloadSuperSU and the we save on the microSD cardwe restart, andwe flashsince CWM.The developer recommends nothing more finish, download from Google Play,Busybox, and we install it in/ system / xbin.The only problem known for now, is that adb does not work in Recovery, but it has said that it will try to correct as soon as possible.

I leave the link for the full explanation of DooMLoRDfor him Z3 orZ3 Compact