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TWS wireless headphones for just 15 dollars »ERdC

Redmi AirDots: TWS wireless headphones for just 15 dollars

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Redmi He had a device presentation day recently. We saw as officially revealed the new Redmi 7, while introducing the Redmi Note 7 Pro in China. However, it was not the only new thing we knew of the manufacturer, since it presented others integrating products. One of the aforementioned products is about headphones wireless with format TWS: The Redmi AirDots. Best of all, they are offered for a groundbreaking price of only 15 dollars in the Asian country.

TWS format headphones

To get into context, the TWS format It is a way of saying "True Wireless Bluetooth“That is, headphones completely cable free for use. The operating core of the Redmi AirDots is a Realtek 8763 chip accompanied by connectivity Bluetooth 5.0. The device can be used for bilateral calls and the sound quality is assured, thanks to its digital noise reduction through DSP.

The Redmi AirDots offer a duration of battery for up to 4 hours of playback music continues on both sides. Both elements of the pair of headphones have a single weight of only 4.1g. The above makes them very comfortable to wear on any occasion. The silicone material of the tips that will be introduced in our ears also helps in this.

They offer the characteristic of match instantly as soon as they are removed from their box of load. When placing them in your cargo box, he They will turn off automatically. Speaking of the cargo box, it also serves as conveyance Thanks to its practical design. The charging box has a battery life of approximately 12 hours

Multifunctional physical button

In one of the Redmi AirDots pair headphones we will find a control button That works for execute different actions. First they serve for the classic functions of on and off of the headphones. Through a just click in the button we can pause the song or audio in reproduction. Through a double click in the button we activate the voice assistant, which can be XiaoAI or Siri from Apple. The Google assistant is not mentioned because in China it does not exist, as do the other Google products.

Through the button we can also execute actions on the mobile That we have paired. For example, we can use it in remote shutter to take a picture. Recall that a while ago Xiaomi presented the TWS Youth Edition headphones under the Mi. Well, these Redmi headphones are similar, changing the touch zone of the previous ones by a physical button.

The Redmi AirDots will be available since April 9 in China for about 15 dollars / 13 euros to change.


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