Tips to save mobile data with your Android phone | Technology and science | Mobile

Tips to save mobile data with your Android phone | Technology and science | Mobile

You finish all your data plan mobile early? You are not the only one, it happens to many. Therefore, in this note we are going to give you some tips to save your megabytes to the maximum with your Android.

To get started, you should know in which activities you consume more your data. Otherwise, you might try to limit some applications and not realize that most of the bandwidth was being occupied by another.

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(Some iPhone and Samsung phones will emit more radiation than allowed)

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Use of mobile data

The activities that consume the most data are, in respective order: videos (streaming and video calls), audios (music and podcast files), images, web pages, online video games and texts (write on WhatsApp or read books).

You may be surprised to learn that video games generate less expense than other activities. The reason is that these do not transmit images or sounds over the Internet, only instructions on how players and their actions move. Therefore, playing an hour consumes less than watching a video during the same time.

On the other hand, as every quin gives a different use to your computer, the easiest way to know what you consume your megabytes is to verify how your behavior is. For that, you have to enter System settings, click on the Connections, Data usage section and finally on Mobile data usage. From here you can be up to date with better accuracy on what you spend more.

Data Saving Mode

Activate Data Saving mode limit audio, image or video formats, in addition to compressing the information you receive, allowing you to spend less megabytes than usual.

To activate it, you have to go to Settings, Connections and Data Saver. With that option you can choose in which applications allow saving and in which not.

In Chrome there is also an option called Basic mode o Lite mode. To activate it, you must press on the three points that are in the upper right corner and go to Settings.

Block automatic downloads

By default, applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram automatically download the files (images, audios and videos) that you receive. And if you are one of the people who are in several groups, it is likely that the amount of files received and downloaded is helping you to use up your megabytes faster.