This is one of the most downloaded mobile games ever

This is one of the most downloaded mobile games ever

When we use any software program we are enjoying a job that has taken a long time for a developer or a set of them. In indie games this is especially striking since they are usually personal projects carried out by independent developers.

The work, time and passion behind it is not usually known, although sometimes we find stories like the one the Twitter creator has told Logos Quiz, a game that was released several years ago and that was a success.

A personal project

Game sketch

As in other similar cases, the game's developer, Javier Pérez Estarriaga, was working for a company that didn't create games, and less mobile games. At that time, spreadsheets of brand names with their logos were common. That was the inspiration that led him to create the app, in principle for iOS.

When the company closed it decided to bet everything on that simple application that allowed players to guess the brand name of a logo that was displayed on the screen.

The game originally cost money, which limited its downloads to a few tens a day. The paradigm shift and putting it free to promote it made the downloads increase 1000 times, which he did to present it to a contest. Shortly after the downloads were more than half a million a day. At that time he decided to put advertising to monetize it.

It was there when I reached number one in the AppStore.

Interviews, talks and copies

This provided great media coverage and the approach of many advertising agencies to propose monetization proposals. There were days when I received more than 1000 emails.

But few successful games are not vilely copied and in the case of Logos Quiz this was too simple. And we don't talk about inspired copies that use the same mechanics, but even about games that used the same database. Thus, the Play Store ended up disappearing.

At this time Javier decides to launch the Android version, but there are so many options in the store that it is impossible to achieve success by positioning, unlike the App Store.

The most downloaded Spanish game in history

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In 2014 Javier saw an article that put his creation as the most downloaded of those created in Spain. This was shortly after giving the game code to a company in Pamplona. Having seen that, he decided to retrace the path and retake control of his creation. It is currently only updated when an operating system update prevents it from continuing to function.