These are Samsung's new headphones ┬╗ERdC

These are Samsung's new headphones ┬╗ERdC

If a few hours ago we talked about the new Samsung Smartwatches, in addition to all the details of their new devices, in this article we will tell you all about the new headphones of the Korean firm that we anticipate that We can get them for free.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2019

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<p style=The headphones are one of the essential accessories in our day especially in large cities with the use of public transport … Samsung taking advantage of the presentation of its new terminals and smart watches, has also made a place for the renewal of its headphones. The Korean signature headphones are features for integrating your virtual assistant Bixby in them as there are other brands that opt ÔÇőÔÇőfor the Google assistant, Samsung to have its own assistant because it integrates it into your headphones. The great novelty of these headphones is intended especially for Spanish speakers since Samsung assistant does not have language in Spanish, so far it has arrived and can be used even if we are using another application in the case of the smartphone. These headphones although we have I emphasize that Bixby speaks Spanish Although we have been commenting for a long time, they are headphones with very top features.


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<p style=These headphones come in a box where it is recharged where they will be charged thanks to a battery that integrates its box and we will also transport them. The headset has some dimensions of 17.5 (width) x 19.4 (depth) x 22.3 (height) mm The weight of each handset is 4.9 grams and its case38.8 (width) x 70 (depth) x 26.5 (high) mm and its weight is 39.6 grams. These headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 which is more stable than its previous versions in addition to a mnton of sensors such as: Accelerometer, proximity, Hall, touch, detection of placement in the ear. The speaker is a 5.8Dynamic Driver and has a sound cdecSBC, AAC, scalable (patented by Samsung). The battery of the headphones is 58 mAh and the box has 252 mAh that can recharge the headphones about twice. In addition these headphones are available in Various colors: Black, White and Yellow phosphorite. They have a price of 149 euros, but as we tell you in the article of all the details of the new Samsung terminals, It is the gift that the firm gives us for preserving any of the three variants of the device even though We must bear in mind that Samsung is one of the companies that is most quickly devalued and in a few months have the phone paying less.

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