The tablet for board games ┬╗ERdC

The tablet for board games ┬╗ERdC

Archos Play Tab: The tablet for board games

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Board games evolve with technology, as it does in the other areas of our lives. Almost everything, today, has a screen in order to be more practical and lightweight, from textbooks to, as in many schools choose, as for tablets.

The tablets usually have a utility similar to that of a computer, but sometimes such devices arise for a more specific use, as was the beginning of the famous E-Books years ago. Next we will talk about the new tablet focused on board games.

Archos Play Tab

Many times we have played board games and we are missing pieces, or we don't find the instructions … These types of problems may disappear. with a project of the company Archos.

The characteristics of this tablet focused on board games They will be the following:

It will have a huge 21-inch screen, so it is designed to be at home or in a more or less fixed place. Portability is not its strong point due to its huge size.

In point to processor, will have a octacore, accompanied by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, in addition to 5000 mAh battery.

The tablet itself does not stand out for its specifications, but they will be more than enough to play less demanding games such as Monopoly, parchs …

Even though The design is not very striking is justified due to its price.

Since these games currently have mobile versions, we can play with people from the other part of the world. This Archos tablet, As we can imagine due to its low-end specifications, it will have a fairly tight price, since the company itself has announced, that can be purchased for 229 euros throughout 2019.

Personal opinion

Sincerely it seems like a interesting option especially for the future, since if we have board games, we will not throw them away but in the future they will end up getting lost due to the passage of time and use since as we have said before we end up losing pieces … Also for the little ones it is interesting since today video games have taken more prominence compared to the traditional and this is one of the ways with which you can return the interest to these games.

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