The new version of Samsung DeX can now be downloaded on Windows and Mac: we have tested it

The new version of Samsung DeX can now be downloaded on Windows and Mac: we have tested it

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, DeX

Together with the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, Samsung introduced a renewed version of Samsung DeX, the platform that allows you to obtain a desktop experience simply by connecting the device to an external monitor.

At least that was the initial idea. Now, Samsung DeX has evolved to the point of allowing the users of the new terminals of the company to "replace" the software of their computers, whether Windows or Mac, with a version of DeX that can be downloaded and executed as an application. And we have already tried it.

Samsung DeX on Windows and Mac: how it works

Samsung DeX Note 10

The goal of this new tool devised by Samsung is to allow users of the Galaxy Note10 and 10+ the possibility of use DeX on any computer, regardless of your software. For this, the company offers an application compatible with Windows and Mac, which can now be downloaded for free.

Once downloaded and installed, the only thing left is connect the Galaxy Note 10 to the computer via USB – At the moment it does not work wirelessly, nor is it compatible with other Samsung terminals. When the computer detects the connected device, the software start loading the desktop view.

After the loading process, the application directs us to the main screen of Dex, very similar to that of most desktop operating systems: the bottom is occupied by a toolbar that includes sections such as quick settings, notifications or shortcuts to options and utilities, while the desktop houses only a few application icons, which can be moved or deleted, as well as adding new ones.

The general operation is fast –which less considering the power of the Galaxy Note10–, and the opening and closing of applications is fast and fluid, and the performance of the games, without being comparable to the one that can be obtained when executing them directly in the device, is more than correct. In addition, we get the advantage of being able to use as many applications at the same time as we want in free multi-window mode.

Speaking of applications, the vast majority of Samsung's own apps are perfectly adapted to the Samsung DeX interface, although the same does not happen with some third-party apps.

Also possible transfer files between mobile and computer easily, answer calls or answer messages from applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Samsung's own message app.

One of the few problems encountered during these tests has been the fact of not being able to adapt the DeX mode to the resolution of the computer screen –2560 1600 pixels–, which translates into somewhat blurred graphics and not quite defined. However, when testing with another computer connected to a Full HD monitor, this inconvenience disappears.

In short, this new edition of Samsung DeX is another step in the way of Samsung to offer the most convenient and easy to use desktop experience. It is true that it is still far from being able to replace a complete operating system such as Windows or Mac, but it is undeniable that Samsung is one of the most advanced firms in this field, and I am very afraid that this is only the beginning.

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