The grouping of faces from Google Photos is now available in Europe

The grouping of faces from Google Photos is now available in Europe

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So far, to be able to benefit from one of the most useful features of Google Photos such as the automatic face grouping, which allows you to organize our photos intelligently depending on Who appears in them, users residing in Europe must skip the restrictions imposed through methods such as connecting to a VPN network, since in this region the company could not use its facial recognition systems For privacy reasons.

It's been about five years since Google introduced that feature in Photos, and now, as indicated in Engadget, the grouping of similar faces is finally available in Europe.

Five years later, the grouping of faces of Photos arrives in Europe

Google Photos

The operation of this tool is exactly the same that millions of photo users around the world have been using for years. Once option enabledGoogle Photos be able to identify who appears in the images, and create albums associated with each face, in which all the photos of the person in question will be automatically added.

Apparently, to be able to skip the restrictions, Google has slightly modified the operation of this feature, so that Only the user can see the name tags of the people that appear in the images, and these will be hidden in case of sharing the photographs with third parties. In not much time, besides, be possible manually add people's names to photos, instead of waiting for the app to do it automatically.

Of course, all those who are concerned about the inconvenience in terms of privacy that could lead to such a function, may deactivate it at any time in the application settings.

Google Photos users residing in Europe, who had not previously enabled this feature previously through any of the available methods, they can do it from today simply by installing the latest version of Google Photos available.

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