The best tricks for Brawl Stars on Android

The best tricks for Brawl Stars on Android

Brawl Stars is one of the newest Android games. Developed by Super Cell, responsible for another success such as Clash Royale, the game has been available for a few weeks in the Play Store. Like its predecessors, this new studio title has everything to be a new success among Android users. In these weeks it already has a huge amount of downloads.

With this in mind, we leave you with some tricks with which to play the best way to Brawl Stars. Since this game promises to be one of the biggest hits among Android users in 2019.

Auto fire vs auto fire

Controls are an important aspect in Brawl Stars. In the guide for beginners we already tell you the most important aspects that we must take into account in the game, in order to use the controls correctly. There are a number of associated functions that can be very helpful when playing.

On the one hand there is the automatic fire, which is fired in the direction in which the enemy is. The problem is that if our enemy moves constantly, it is of no use. But, we have another option that is automatic shooting. It can be very useful when there is an enemy going towards us in a straight line. Thanks to this mode, we will be able to hit with almost all the bullets, something that will take away life and make him run away.

Therefore, if at any time while playing Brawl Stars you find yourself in trouble, this automatic shot may be very helpful. You will avoid giving ground to your enemies.

How to get more Brawlers

In Brawl Stars we find a total of 22 brawlers. But not all of them are unlocked from the beginning, because we only have Shelly in the beginning. As we have told you before, we have several types of brawlers. The main differences are the ways in which we can get them.

  • Legendary brawler: This type comes in boxes with a probability of 0.11%. In this case it is Spike, Crow, León who fall into this specific category.
  • The Mythical brawler It's Sara and Mortis. We get in boxes with a probability of 0.24%.
  • Epic brawler.: Within this category we find Pam, Frank and Piper. The probability of leaving is 0.54%.
  • Superspecial brawler: Darryl and Ricochet are the ones in it. In your case, the probability of going out in a box is 1.2%.
  • We also have Special brawler, one step below. In it we find Barley, Poco and El Primo. We get in boxes with a 2.68% probability.
  • Brawler trophy reward: are those that we can get by winning battles and trophies. We met Nita, Colt, Bull, Jessie, Brock, Dynamike and Bo in it.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete trick that will allow us to earn more while playing Brawl Stars. We have to play a lot, because the more we play, we are more likely to get some. So we have to play a lot, fight, open chests or pay with gems. So, we can get them.

Make use of the environment

There are probably users who don't know this, but not all brawlers work the same way on all maps. There are some that will give us a better performance in some specific situations. Because, It is good to practice in games in a friendly way that Brawl Stars offers us. Since they will be of help to know the map, its surroundings, in addition to seeing which of these brawlers is the one that best suits.

The key is that we use the environment in our favor. This is something that can be decisive and cause us to win battles easier. In addition, you have to know the role of each brawler, in order to make the most of it. It is something that will give us a strategic advantage when we face other people.

Depending on the situation, we may have to use the environment to win. Although, there may be other situations in which we have to do just the opposite. If the situation requires it, we can always remove grass or tear walls. Do not forget this option, because it is likely that on some occasion it can save you.

How to get coins

Brawl Stars coins

Coins are the main currency in Brawl Stars. Thanks to them we will be able to buy power points, improve our brawlers or buy power-ups, among other functions. We can get them using real money for it. We buy gems and then exchange them for coins. But it is not the only way.