Testing the iBooks app for iPad

Testing the iBooks app for iPad

This time, the application under review is iBooks, an e-book reader with multiple extras.

To begin, we will say that it is a pure e-book reader, capable of performing all those tasks attributable to a device with these characteristics, see Kindle, Nook, Papyre.

The most prominent advantage, unlike Kindle-type ebooks, is that does not need any additional lighting, as could be a lamp, since the screen itself gave us enough light to read in the dark.

iBooks allows reading books in ePub format, the number one standard in the e-book industry and on which they are published, and sell all ebooks at Amazon, Apple Store and other online stores.
The application automatically stores the page where we are when closing the book, and when opening it again, I will do it in that page, as simple as that. We can insert even different bookmarks so that a book can be read by several people.
The number of books that we can store depends exclusively on the memory available on our iPad but to get an idea, a book of about 600 pages comes to occupy approximately 7MB Mbytes, with what the library can store thousands of books without problem. We can list them by categories, authors, titles to locate them more comfortably.

Once we are reading we are presented with several general options:

  • Adjust screen brightness. To adapt it to the existing light or reduce it to read at night in bed without having the lamp on.
  • Modify the font size. Interesting option that allows us to establish the appropriate font size according to which books or according to our needs.
  • Copy selected text. To perform a search or to copy certain paragraphs.
  • Mark. It is an underline with a fluorescent pen, which allows us to highlight certain text.
  • Dictionary. By keeping your finger on a word we are given the option to search it in the dictionary and see its meaning immediately.

Reading on the iPad is not as tired as can be assumed, since despite presenting an LED-type screen, the appropriate brightness adjustment can be very useful and have us hooked for hours to read without hardly an obvious fatigue in the eyes.

The application has proven to be a serious competitor of electronic ink books, Because despite not implementing such screen technology, the iPad shows other great advantages such as its simple and intuitive interface, its good reading experience, and a large catalog of e-books that we hope Apple will supply from next May 28.

It must be said that all these conclusions have been drawn from the American version of the iBooks application, but it is expected that they remain intact upon arrival in Spain.