Swordigo, un impresionante juego de aventuras para Android

Swordigo, an awesome adventure game for Android

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Android games they do not usually stand out for their graphic section or for their arguments, although there are certain exceptions that can be compared to games of consoles of the previous generation. Most games we found in the Play store they are games in which you have to advance through different levels, practically there is no game in which there is a story to follow and an open world to move through. Today we bring you an exception, an adventure game that Worth it probis: Swordigo.

You probably haven't heard of this game, and is that the developer, Touch foo, has not released Play store No other application or game. This does not mean that the game is not worth itand esque we find a game in which we will move through a world in two dimensions, but whose scenarios have some depth, which does not make them look flat. The game mix the typical platforms of a two-dimensional game, an addictive story that keeps you playing and a soundtrack that really introduces you to the game which makes it a game worth trying.

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<p style=The story before us begins with a young apprentice who, before the death of his teacher at the hands of the dark forces, He is forced to leave his village and move through a world full of dangers in search of a legendary sword to end the dark forces. In the course of history, we can obtain gems in the purest Zelda style: breaking vases, cutting herbs and discovering secret chests, in order to buy new armor, spells or weapons. The game follows a very addictive dynamic, where we will have to eat the coconut at some point since we will meet Something else puzzle, we will die several times facing thes heads of each territory and we will enjoy saving the world accompanied by his great soundtrack.

The game includes purchases within the application, but that do not affect anything in its playability, since we can pass the game to 100% without the need to make any purchasesbut who knows, someone else want to support the developer with a purchase or urgently need a plus of gems.

I really enjoyed spending this game 100%, What do you think of this game? Have you tried it? Tennis intention to do it?

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