Study Chemistry with Periodic Table Explorer

Study Chemistry with Periodic Table Explorer

When I was studying chemistry in high school it was a nuisance to have to look at a piece of paper or a book to study the periodic table, since it was a fixed question in the exams. Maybe I would have gotten better grades with applications to download like the one I present.

Periodic Table Explorer, is a new way to explore the periodic table, It has more data than the original table but it is much more dynamic, since with the user interface it allows you an almost unlimited control on the screen. You can also customize it by changing the size, shape and position, not that it will be more fun study chemistry, but it sure is much more useful than a piece of plastic full of numbers and letters.

Points to mark:

* Detailed information on each of the elements. * Details of important compounds. * Details of the reaction with water, air and acids. * Images of each element (126 images in total) including valence and crystal structure diagrams. . * Glossary of terms. * Graphics of important element properties. * Element names and most of the application buttons are now available in eight different languages. * See the status of the elements at any temperature. * Biographies of Scientists and discoverers.