start off right in the card game of the moment

start off right in the card game of the moment

Hearthstone new short

Since its launch there by 2014, Hearthstone has been able to stay at the top of the category of card games for Android, hooking millions of players around the world.

A lot of blame for this success is the game's own development company, Blizzard, which since the launch of the game has not stopped trying to introduce new features and improvements through updates. Without going any further, just a few weeks ago we welcomed a new expansion with nothing less than 135 new cards.

Of course, this dynamism of the game is also the cause of there are people who have not dared to give it a try, either because they find the game somewhat confusing, or because they believe it is too complex to start playing in the middle of 2019. But the truth is that starting with Hearthstone is easier than it seems, especially if you follow a series of tricks and tips collected in The Lessons of the Tabernero_.

Start playing Hearthstone with these tricks and tips

Control the pace of the game

Yes in a game you already have a certain advantage over your opponent, maybe it's a good idea not play more cards than necessary, to avoid problems in case the adversary steals a letter with which he could reduce the advantage in your favor. After all, you will need to have all your cards to re-decant the scale and end up winning the game.

Do not abuse the benefits

You should always look maintain a certain balance between letters of minions and benefits. The latter are useful, but it is not convenient to have too many in our deck since, logically, the number of minions is reduced, and in case of applying several benefits to the same minion, this will be in the spotlight of the attackers .

Watch out: spells are over

How many times have you regretted using a spell that hasn't finally worked? The best way to take advantage of these advantages is wait for the right time To use the spells.

Hearthstone announces The Rise of Shadows, its next expansion

Sometimes, the simplest is what works best

Hearthstone is much more than having a mallet with a large number of different combos. If you make a mallet with a small number of strong combos and also draw a good strategy, it is much more likely that you are the winner of the game than if you have several different combos, because your strategy depends on stealing the right cards, at the appropriate time.

Don't be afraid to drop cards

In that sense, it is also not recommended refuse to release letters thinking that they will be useful for you in the future. It is true that this advice may sound contrary to some of the previous advice, but after all you should be guided by your common sense, and use the cards that you think can reduce the advantage of the rivals, or increase yours with respect to they.

Play your cards well

It is also worth reviewing some of the most useful recommendations to keep in mind during a Hearthstone game. To start, you must avoid as much as possible the situations in which you may have to exhaust your entire handWell, there may be the possibility that not even this strategy takes effect. Do it only when you are really safe.

On the other hand, you should act wisely when exchanging letters, and do not get rid of yours without meditating several times and imagine the situations in which you can take advantage of them. In that sense, keep in mind the possibility of adding theft effects to your deck cards.

Hearthstone is a game relatively complex, but "affordable" For anyone who wants to start playing. If you have not already done so, this is a good time to join the millions of people who already enjoy the fashion card game.

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