Samsung Cloud reduce its free capacity from 15 GB to 5 GB ┬╗ERdC

Samsung Cloud reduce its free capacity from 15 GB to 5 GB ┬╗ERdC

Samsung Cloud reduce its free capacity from 15 GB to 5 GB

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Today's Google Drive service It is one of the most popular that exist in terms of cloud file storage It means thanks to integrate various features and joint services such as emails, Google Photos, backup copies of your mobile, etc. For this service there are alternatives, such as Samsung Cloud which is included as a service in the company phones. So far both Google Drive and Samsung Cloud offer the same free capacity of 15 GB. However the above is about to change in June. Samsung's service will significantly reduce its free capacity, reaching up to 5 GB of availability.

Samsung Cloud reduce its free capacity since June

The above does not apply to all current customers who already have a Samsung Cloud account. This will apply to new Samsung Cloud users who register as of June 1. Users who registered before May 31 will not be affected by their current storage quota.

Google for its part, is at the opposite end of the measures for Google Drive with its users. The American company seems to be updating the plans of storage of some. Multiple users they say they have had 20 GB of free storage. Also some months ago they released Google One, which brought some price reductions and other plans and advantages for their subscribers.

At the moment, the Korean manufacturer is working in its future Galaxy Note 10 and its variants. Rumors from various sources claim that the Galaxy Note 10 sports a larger screen this generation with 6.66 inches and an aspect ratio of 19: 9. Meanwhile your battery will be growing to 4300 mAh capacity. There is talk of a possible Pro version with even more screen, more battery and the possibility of including a design without physical buttons.


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