Revolut, the revolution for online and physical store purchases ┬╗ERdC

Revolut, the revolution for online and physical store purchases ┬╗ERdC

Revolut, the revolution to make your purchases online and in physical store WITHOUT COSTS!

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Revolut, your account to make your purchases NO COSTS, online and in physical stores.

As technology and online shopping progresses, new ways are emerging to make our purchases in the safest, most comfortable and simple way, as is the case with Revolut

What is Revolut?

Revolut, It is a platform that acts as your personal bank, but online. But what news or differences are there with Revolut?

For example, having several currencies in your account, all managed from the same platform, and with the possibility of changing in a flexible way between one or the other without the need for passwords, long waiting times or annoying logins.

You can have, for example, dollars, euros, pounds, francs, crowns, dirham, yen or any type of currency, within the more than 130 available, separated from each other, and have available at all times cash of those different currencies. And you wonder for what? SimpleÔÇŽ. Imagine that you go to any country that works with a different currency than your country. In this way, you can have it prepared in revolut and directly use it to pay without further complications.

One of the biggest advantages What this payment system offers is that if for any circumstance you run out of the currency with which you are paying but you still have cash in another, the App does not block your payment, but to exchange currency automatically with the currency you choose to be able to make the payment, and only change the indispensable amount to perform that operation, so you will not lose money with the transaction.

Of course, like any other bank or platform, if you only have euros, for example, in your account and want to pay in dollars, you can directly convert, even before making the payment, so you have no problem about when to change currency.

Revolut App Management

All this I have mentioned you can manage yourself from the application itself. Having only euros or having all the currencies you want, and depending on each one logically. Also as you will see in this capture, in each account, (in this case in dollars) You can see the management you have carried in that account, such as expenses, income or any other activity. You have each currency perfectly organized, you will not mix the activities you have done with dollars, euros, pounds

Physical Card Available

But only that? No, one of the things I like is that you can have physical card (prior to sending about 5.99 if you want to have it this way and where it will not have any other cost) or virtually, so you can make purchases as if it were a physical card.

Currently if you register from this link you can save the initial 5.99 that normally costs the card + shipping -> Request free card

The Grace to have it physically, is that you can buy in any establishment as if it were another card of any bank and you can even choose it VISA or MASTERCARD. And it has no expense, usage commission, maintenance nothing and you can even get money without commissions in banks like Sabadell, from your card Revolut. Since you will have a PIN that you previously generated from your account.