POP Gears! Now available for Android. Describe it!

POP Gears! Now available for Android. Describe it!

GEARS mobile video game

Presented during E3 2019, POP Gears! is the new game in the Microsoft saga for mobile devices. Unlike his older brothers, this title abandons all seriousness and bets on a much more casual look. Join the popular POPs with one of the most mythical saga of Microsoft? What can go wrong?

At this point in the movie, surely everyone knows who the POPs are. Grimacing big heads that are sold by millions throughout the world. Video games, movies, celebrities … there is always a POP for any situation but what was missing from this collection of toys was a video game and what a way to release, with one of the most important sagas such as Gears of War.

POP Gears! Reach all Android devices, don't miss it!

Announced on the official Microsoft blog, Gears POP! It is a game very similar to the successful Clash Royale but with POP faces set in the most famous characters of the acclaimed Gears of War saga. By sending different units to fight, our goal is to control more control points than our rival, to reach the turrets and base of our enemy and win the victory.

The truth is that the title is quite fun – just like Clash Royale – but coming from Microsoft and especially Gears of War, one expected more ambition and not just a mere clone of a popular game. A missed opportunity by Microsoft, which should look more at Nintendo next time.

POP Gears! It is a free game, that is, you can get better units playing little by little and receiving button boxes for winning or achieving goals, but how could it be otherwise, There are also micropayments that can reach up to 105 euros per item. In short, that one who pays will always have more advantage than another who does not.

Despite the micropayments and that it is not a very ambitious game, POP Gears! It's a fun title to kill free time or to enjoy on the bus or subway and that of course, will delight the fans of the Gears of Wars saga thanks to its characters and the constant references to the saga.

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