Carmen Sandiego returns to Google Earth: play her last chapter

play your last chapter

Carmen Sandiego It is one of those children's characters that has crossed borders and generations; not in vain has a special charisma, as well as the entire saga and other characters. Because who has not ever dreamed of being Carmen Sandiego? Or with catching her in one of the many countries she escaped.

If you have ever played with the different Carmen Sandiego titles, and you know the collaboration between the franchise owners and Google, you will know that you can play with the application of Google Earth to find the elusive Carmen. Two episodes of the game are already available. And just today the third is released: open the application and get ready to enjoy while bringing out your knowledge of geography.

Carmen Sandiego and the theft of the Kremlin jewels, now available on Google Earth

Carmen Sandiego returns to Google Earth: play her last chapter

The last game in the saga is accessible in Google Earth, yes, but not just that chapter: the previous two can also be played. This implies that you can recall previous experiences without leaving the Android application. Also from the browser, of course.

The mechanics are the same as in previous cases: Google Earth will guide you through different cities to discover the next point in your destination after questioning citizens. Each person will give you clues related to the city you are in. And if you hit the place you will be one step closer to unraveling the mystery.

To access the Carmen Sandiego's last game you just have to do the following:

  • Open the Google Earth application and click on «Discover«, On the ship's helm icon. You will see that the cover occupies it Carmen Sandiego and the theft of the Kremlin's keys. The rest of the episodes are also accessible, although at the bottom.
  • If you are on the computer, and you use Google Chrome, you just have to follow this link. It is also suitable for mobile: you just have to open it with Google Earth.
  • You will attend the introduction of the game and they will take you to London to explain the mechanics. You just have to follow the clues and go guessing the next destination on the map.

The game is very simple and not too long. Y It is especially suitable for children: This way they can put their geography knowledge into practice.