Monument Valley totalmente gratis en Amazon App Store

Monument Valley totally free on Amazon App Store

Monument Valley

If you like Android games this is news that you should not stop reading and then get down to work, because today you have one of the best games available as it isMonument Valley free for a limited time through the Amazon app store (Amazon App Store).

In case you still don't know what it is about, Monument Valley, apart from being one of the most successful games, is a visual delight and a headache for our senses. Is aboutmanipulate impossible architectures and guide a silent princess named Ida, through a world of incomparable beauty.

The main feature is that the game is inspired by the minimalist three-dimensional design, the optical illusions and the palaces and temples of the whole world. Each monument is a unique and handmade world to explore.

Recall that the price in Google Play Store is 3.59 euros, so the fact of having it for free is a great offer. We leave you with the link and tell us if you end up "hooked."

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