Monument Valley se actualiza con 8 nuevos niveles

Monument Valley is updated with 8 new levels


Very recently we told you how to do with the acclaimed and famous game Monument Valley for free. This great offer was only available from the Amazon app store and only for one day.

Users saw it as a way to get the game for free and enjoy it, but Ustwo and Amazon saw it as a way for the game to reach more users. But of course, if you do it for free, the developer does not generate revenue, but what Ustwo wanted was for the game to have as many users as possible, although for that it had to be at cost 0. For what?

Since yesterday we can update the game and see how there are 8 new levels that we can play. Of course, provided we pay 1.79 euros. You are already seeing where the play of leaving the game for free was going.

These 8 new levels continue with the story we left in level 10 of the game. As usual these 8 levels will bring us upside down with new mazes, ups, downs, lava ros and many more things we will have to know playing the levels.

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<p style=Personally it seems to me a pretty good strategy, with which we can enjoy new levels at a minimal price for what the game offers us. Personally, after writing this news, buy the pack of Forgotten Shores and start playing it as a small child.

Another phase of the developer strategy is the exclusivity with Amazon, so we can only download the update through this app store. Worse quiet, only until Monday 24, since then we can also buy it on Google Play.

Monument Valley (Forgotten Shores) | Amazon App Store

What do you think of these new levels? Have you played them yet?