Microsoft announces Surface event for October 2 »ERdC

Microsoft announces Surface event for October 2 »ERdC

Microsoft has confirmed through an invitation that next October 2 present new Surface products and of course that rumors about Andromeda (also known as ‘Surface Phone’) begin to grow.

The truth is that Microsoft has not confirmed what products we will see, but what we know is that we most likely should wait an ms to know that mysterious device known with the code name ‘Andromeda’.

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<p style=According to some sources related to Microsoft in terms of media the Redmond firm will present new Surface Laptop and Pro now with Intel Whiskey Lake processors and with USB Type-C port instead of the already Quite outdated Mini DisplayPort.

Also some mention that we could see new Surface Book, although this last product has been relaunched not long ago by Microsoftsi we compare it with its laptops and Surface convertibles.

The truth is that it is very likely that these new devices only have updates at the level of hardware and not new features, just coinciding with the release of Windows 10 October Update which may be launched the same day, who knows.

Microsoft Surface Go 4

Anyway, we still need to know more details, which (as always happens) end up filtering days or weeks before the official event.

From ERdC we will follow the presentation closely and tell you everything that is presented at the Microsoft event, We are nowhere to know what Redmond’s are brought into their hands.

What is certain is that Microsoft keep betting on your products ‘premium‘Towards the future, is that the Surface line seems to have a long way to go.

Nor is it ruled out that Microsoft will present a new update of its Surface Studio, the team designed for designers that has been very well received.

What products do you think Microsoft will present at this event? Will we ever see a ‘Surface Phone’? In ERdC we value your opinion very much.

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