Matebook X is official, as are the new Huawei laptops ┬╗ERdC

Matebook X is official, as are the new Huawei laptops ┬╗ERdC

We are in Barcelona Y we have had the possibility to see and in this case touch the new Huawei laptops as well as Your new folding device. Huawei has started the presentation, announcing its logo change since now it will only integrate the brand-name letters of the brand as can be seen in the images. Then its characteristics.


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The screen is inches with a resolution of 3000 x 2000 with SRGB technology and 91% of the front of the screen with a 3: 2 aspect ratio The cul allows you to capture more information on the screen focused on the world of business. It is a screen that is characterized by having no edges and being super used.


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Built in aluminum with a weight of 1.33 kg, count with one intel i7 processor accompanied by Nvidia MX250 graphics card and one Intel AC9560 network card what reaches up to a speed of 1733 Mbps that in his previous model came up to 867 Mbps. It has a camera that as usual in Huawei is hidden under a key that protects us and the truth is that it has a pretty good quality, in relation to connections, has:


X1 3.5mm jack

X2 USB Type C, one of them compatible with Thunderbolt that will reach up to 49Gbps of transfer speed.

It has 4 speakers that allow a good immersion sensation, an intelligent cooling system called Smart Cooling, which allows our computer to be at an optimal temperature and fingerprint sensor on the power button. 57 Ah long battery.

Huawei Share Onehop the true revolution of this laptop

Keyboard and Onehop


Transferring files sometimes for simple files is somewhat tedious, and for that Huawei has developed a technology that is the true innovation that we find in this notebook, since it has a system only compatible with Huawei Smartphones and only available in the range Mate 20, by which there is a sticker that detects our device when approaching it to the lower right corner, by which simply bringing our mobile we can copy files that are on our computer up to 3MB as photos or texts and send them to the mobile and share it or on the contrary, if we shake our smartphone and bring it to the corner, we can see the screen of our computer Y record the screen as well as transfer what is in clipboard to each other. It is a great idea although when working on Bluetooth we should not be more than 25 meters away although being such small files in the live tests it has been done in a matter of seconds.

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