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Logitech wireless guitar for PS3 and PS2

Logitech wireless guitar for PS3 and PS2

Logitech has introduced its new controller, a wireless guitar. Wireless guitar controller It is designed for series games Guitar hero, on PS3 it can be used in all games of the series and for PS2 in Guitar Hero World Tour.

Is manufactured as if it were a real guitar, with elements of wood and metal, if we compare this guitar with those that are normally used in the game, it seems that we have always been using a toy completely at one hundred. Besides being so pretty, the controller has a USB wireless receiver for PS3 and PS2 It offers a range of 10 meters.

Now the bad news, which is not the price since everyone would have deduced that it will be worth a lot, some 200 dollars, the bad news is that at the moment no there are plans for it to be distributed throughout Europe, only be available in North America.

Source: itechnews