iOS 13 and iPadOS: Betas failed to access passwords

iOS 13 and iPadOS: Betas failed to access passwords


The second public beta of iOS 13 presented a security flaw.

Angela Lang / CNET

Betas are not reliable versions of operating systems and again we have a sample of that.

The YouTube channel,iDeviceHelp, published on July 16 a video in which it shows a failure of the beta versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS that allows access to usernames and passwords on the devices without authenticating.

As the video shows, once the cell phone is unlocked, simply press repeatedly in the section 'Web and app passwords' within the device settings so that identification by Face ID or Touch ID is not required and they are displayed, Without any problem, this data of a private nature.

CNET en Espaol verified that this vulnerability is present in the second public beta of iOS 13 and we report it to Apple, although you should not be alarmed, since in order to reach this option before your device must be unlocked and we have not found any failures in that sense.

Security flaws in the beta versions of operating systems are very common, because if they are launched publicly, it is for users to report and report. feedback to developers, so that the most perfect stable versions possible can be released.

Apple recently showed that beyond the problems with the betas of its operating systems, it is very attentive to the safety of its users.

Last week, the company took steps to protect its computers from a security breach of the video call application, Zoom, which allows any Web site to access the camera of a Mac computer, through a filelocalhostinstalled by Zoom without authorization.

Apple solved this problem internally, launching a security patch capable of removing the localhost file installed on the computers.

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