RPG, pixelated graphics and huge fun: download King Crusher now

Huge fun, RPG and pixelated graphics: download King Crusher now

Although mobile phones are increasingly powerful there is a graphic aspect that remains a trend: the 8-bit or pixelated style. There are many games that adopt that "retro" air to approach the classic without neglecting the new trends. Y King crusher It fits perfectly in those graphics as it offers a story and mechanics that are inspired by the RPGs of "all life," as Dungeons and Dragons.

A 3 × 3 board, screens divided by enemies, surprise missions, multitude of heroes, magicians, warriors, archers … King crusher It is really wide, it also maintains an excellent balance between free play and freemium experience. We loved it, we recommend it even if you don't like RPGs.

Attack the beasts and conquer level by level by choosing your allies well

RPG, pixelated graphics and huge fun: download King Crusher now

The story that holds all the elements together is not too complex: a king, Tease, has proposed to dominate the world and that only one person can reign, he. And you must achieve the monarch's purpose by facing everything that lies ahead. For this you will have 12 types of heroes and many different characters; that can be equipped and improved by force of recoger gold and speed up processes with gems. The typical resource games, go.

RPG, pixelated graphics and huge fun: download King Crusher now

Although King crusher It may seem like a freemium game more, the excellent atmosphere, the original humorous touch and the detailed graphics (despite being in 8 bits) get you to get hooked to the game from the first seconds. The progression is very balanced, which makes you strive without getting bored. And the battles are fast maintaining the player's decision: it is you who must move the characters even though they will be in automatic attack.

RPG, pixelated graphics and huge fun: download King Crusher now

The playing surface is a 3 × 3 grid where the characters move. Or better, you move them: You must move them so that the enemy, located at the top of the screen, does not reach them with their attacks. Each type of hero will have certain characteristics, so you must maintain the strategy to overcome the levels.

King crusher It offers ads, but they are not very intrusive. Nor is the pressure of purchases so. And it includes advertising viewing to give the option of earning more coins.

An excellent mobile game that even those who are not passionate about RPG will like

King Crusher is for all audiences. It does not require a great tutorial to understand it, it offers quick games and maintains the exploration of dungeons as well as the strategy of combining heroes, attacks, magic and invocations. As we said, the balance is very well planned: in addition to fun they do not frustrate the experience or the advertisements or the purchases.

You want to try King crusher? You know: it is available in the Google Play Store for download now: You will enjoy it.