Huawei presents its AI Ascend 910 chip and MindSpore AI framework ┬╗ERdC

Huawei presents its AI Ascend 910 chip and MindSpore AI framework ┬╗ERdC

Huawei presents its AI Ascend 910 chip and AI MindSpore framework

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The hardware pinnacle of artificial intelligence are the high performance flexible chips for machine learning. So far, there are not many important players in the competition, being the largest in the group Nvidia, Intel, Google and Qualcomm. However, it seems that Huawei are looking to launch their own option with the new Ascend 910 chip and the Mindspore AI framework.

Ascend 910 artificial intelligence chip

The high end AI chip Ascend 910 from Huawei is designed for servers. It is developed with the objective of increase your participation in the burgeoning cloud services market. Companies that use AI applications require large amounts of data to train smart algorithms, which can take several days or weeks. The Ascend 910 offers 256 TeraFLOPS for medium precision floating point operations (FP16) Y 512 TeraOPS for integer precision calculations (INT8). Meanwhile, it has a maximum power consumption of 310W.

Huawei says its chip can process more data in a faster amount of time than its competitors. It also reveals that can Help train networks in a matter of minutes. In fact, according to Huawei rotating president Eric Xu, "The Ascend 910 works much better than we expected. It has more computing power than any other artificial intelligence processor in the world.

IA MindSpore Framework

In addition to that, Huawei also launched MindSpore, an artificial intelligence framework. This supports the development of artificial intelligence applications. MindSpore has a 20% less lines of central code than the leading frameworks in the market in a typical neural network for natural language processing (NLP).

Mindspore is designed to work in conjunction with the Ascend 910 AI chip. This does twice as fast in AI model training than other conventional training cards that use TensorFlow. The Chinese company aims to offer a AI product portfolio to meet the different needs of companies and consumers. Huawei Xu said that MindSpore will become open source in the first quarter of 2020. This as part of the company's strategy to drive wider adoption of AI and help developers.

"Huawei's artificial intelligence strategy is to invest in basic research and talent development, build a portfolio of complete and all-stage artificial intelligence, and foster an open global ecosystemÔÇť, Said Xu, when he talked about the company's artificial intelligence strategy in October 2018. The company has struggled to build a complete ecosystem, which no company in the world can do independently until now.


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