How to view and delete the data that your apps share with Facebook

How to view and delete the data that your apps share with Facebook

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It may be too late, but Facebook seems to have begun to take the privacy of its users seriously. After going through a crisis like that of Cambridge Analytica, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg decided to expand the variety of tools that users have at their disposal to know more precisely what Facebook really does with your personal data.

One of the last to arrive, announced on the official social network blog, comes under the name Off-Facebook Activity, and the objective is to offer users the possibility of view, control and delete the data that apps share with Facebook, directly from the mobile and in a simple way. Next, we will explain how to do it step by step.

Control the data that your apps share with Facebook: this is how Off-Facebook Activity works

Off Facebook Activity

According to Facebook, this new function is aimed at all those people who want to meet first hand the data that the apps and the services they use share with the social network, for example, to show personalized ads. This data is shared through tools such as Facebook Pixel or Facebook Login, some of the business tools that the platform offers companies.

Initially, this new feature is available in several countries, including Spain, Ireland and South Korea. However, the intention of the company is to deploy it throughout the world over the next few months.

If you decide to make use of this feature and delete the stored data, the social network got rid of all the identifying information from the selected applications and web pages. In this way, Facebook will not know what web pages we have visited or the applications we have used, nor of course what we have done in them. This, among other things, implies that the ads of the different platforms, be it Facebook, Messenger or Instagram, will not be based on our interests.

Off Facebook Activity, steps

For control the data Through Off-Facebook Activity, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Facebook application on your mobile.

  2. Go to the Facebook options menu through the shortcut on the right side in the top toolbar.

  3. Display the "Settings and privacy" section and tap on "Settings".

  4. Go to the “Your Facebook information” section and access “Off-Facebook Activity”.

Within this menu, they will appear all applications that have shared data with Facebook, and you will have the possibility of clear stored activity history, control which applications can share data and what not, and even block activity log so that no website or application associated with Facebook can share your data from that moment.

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