How to make a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note10

How to make a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note10

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + screen

From Friday, August 23, the first buyers of one of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ will begin to receive their brand new devices – which, by the way, we have already been able to try. The latest models of the Note series bring interesting news, and some other detail that has gone unnoticed throughout the first days of life of smartphones.

One of the most striking changes lies in an action as simple as it is take a screenshot. And despite the fact that in most Android devices the process to do so is very similar, the fact that the Galaxy Note10 includes a "multifunction" power button It has led Samsung to make some other change in this regard.

All different ways to make a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 10

The classic mode: through the button combination

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10, like the Galaxy A80 that we analyzed at the time, dispenses with the button to invoke the virtual assistant Bixby which was first introduced alongside the Galaxy S8 series. Instead, the ignition button acts as a substitute through a long press.

With this in mind, we deduce that by holding down the power button we will run the virtual assistantwhile yes press and hold the volume down button next to the power button, the button to turn off or restart the terminal appears. So how is the screen captured?

The solution is simpler than it seems: just Quickly press the power button next to the volume down button to capture, to be stored in the galley and can be edited later.

Remote: with the S-Pen

Since the Note series stands out from the rest – among other things – for coming with a stylus smart, why not use it to make screenshots? When removing the S-Pen, the floating menu appears with all the options you can perform, including the possibility of taking a screenshot through the function called Smart Select The main advantage of this method is that you can select what part of the screen you want to capture.

How to make a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note10

How to make a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note10

The "smart" mode: through Bixby

If you prefer to use the virtual assistant included in the device, taking a screenshot is as simple as asking Bixby to do it through a voice command. Easy ace.

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