Dark Mode is coming to another Google application ┬╗ERdC

Dark Mode is coming to another Google application ┬╗ERdC

Dark Mode is coming to another Google application

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Although Android Q (the next version of Android) includes a Dark mode feature throughout the system, Google continues to implement Dark mode in many of its applications, especially those that are updated with the Material Design aspect.

Taking into account that only 10.4% of the Smartphone have Android 9 installed nine months after its launch Google will continue updating individual applications with the Dark mode. This takes on important importance considering that Google Material Design includes large areas of white light in the background, seeing it in the dark makes it feel like a great rest for the retinas of the eyes of all users.

The dark mode offers greater comfort when viewing an application or web page at night or in the dark by inverting the white background and the usual black text; in contrast to this, the user this time with the dark mode will observe the white text on a black background. It is also reported that the use of the dark mode allow battery savings on Smartphone with AMOLED display. This is because the black color is generated in these panels when all pixels are deactivated, which does not require battery power. LCD screens make use of a backlight even for black, and that requires some energy to be removed from the battery.

Next application to have the dark mode: Google Keep

As provided by Android Police, the latest Android application to get the Dark mode function is Google Keep This is an application to save notes and lists. An example of the use of this application is the creation of a shopping list, which can be used when you are in the supermarket or at a specific time. It also allows you to take pictures of some receipt and store it until necessary, or it can also be used to write random thoughts and ideas which can be shared with friends and family. The application has large white areas that can damage the vision.

This is a server-side update that takes the Android version of the application to When you finally receive the update, find the Dark mode by opening the Configuration page.

Surely in the future will continue to install more Google applications with this Dark mode.


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