Advertising reach WhatsApp in 2020 ┬╗ERdC

Advertising reach WhatsApp in 2020 ┬╗ERdC

Advertising reach WhatsApp in 2020

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During the past year 2014 the internet giant, Facebook, disbursements 19 billion dollars To keep the world's most popular instant messenger service: Whatsapp. This turns out to be the most expensive acquisition of the company in its entire history. Since then it has been feared by the measures that the company could take to return a profitable application to WhatsApp, since we remember nobody pays to use it for quite some time. From Facebook they assured that they will not add any kind of fees to WhatsApp for normal use. However, in order to monetize the application, from next year to 2020 It is beginning to show advertising in certain sections.

Whatsapp will have ads from next year

Facebook is a for-profit organization so it was inevitable that we began to see some type of advertising within WhatsApp since the day they bought the instant messenger application. It is the only way to monetize a service of this type for which there is no charge. Facebook has confirmed that advertising Get to service in 2020, for both Android and iOS.

One of the sections where ads will be shown be in whatsapp stories. These will appear while we go to see them and they will have regular publication format. The ads will occupy the entire screen, but instead of showing the name of the contact, WhatsApp show the name of the company. This is a type of advertising that has already been applied in applications like Instagram, and in a very similar way, if it is not identical. They will also have the function of being able to access a link in advertising by sliding up.

It is currently unclear if Facebook has more designs or ad formats planned within WhatsApp. Eventually, the company may introduce Smaller alternatives displayed between chats in the conversation list. This type of advertising has also been previously applied in applications such as Facebook Messenger. Surely you will know, but Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp They have the same owner, Facebook. For this reason it is normal that they use the same advertising formats in the long run.

WhatsApp currently has an application service that is paid, and is used for business purposes. It's about Whatsapp Business. For this service Facebook also launched a new option in ads. This allows the accounts to be linked in social networks of the company you are advertising, from both Facebook and Instagram.


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