a mid-range folding with two screens for 1,500 euros

a mid-range folding with two screens for 1,500 euros

Motorola RAAZR 2019

Despite not being official, the image on these lines shows us how to be the new Motorola RAZR 2019 that the company plans to present at the end of the year. At least that's what they suggest from the Let’s Go Digital media, where they claim to have had early access to information about what to be the company's first folding smartphone belonging to Lenovo.

The design has been embodied in high quality renders by the designer Yanko Design. They show some of the key aspects of this future device, such as the inclusion of a large flexible OLED screen inside, and a somewhat smaller panel on the outside that allows you to check notifications and view information in a faster way. As in the classic Motorola RAZR.

Apparently, the main difference between the Motorola RAZR 2019 – Its name is not definitive either – and the current Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold reside in the price. While the Huawei and Samsung models they approach or exceed 2,000 euros, the Motorola model it will cost 1,500 euros once its disembarkation takes place in Europe, according to the information provided at some point in December of this year, or January 2020.

It is also suggested that the inside of the phone will be led by a mid-range processor, probably from Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 or 700 families. We will also find a significant reduction in the capacity of your battery, and apparently Motorola's goal is to create a terminal that stands out for its design, offering a terminal compact With a design never seen before.

Its launch will be carried out in the United States first, by the operator Verizon. The price in this market will be 1,500 dollars, and we will not have to wait much longer from that moment until witnessing its arrival in European territory.

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