8 Huawei phones receive EMUI 9.1 with the EROFS file system and more ┬╗ERdC

8 Huawei phones receive EMUI 9.1 with the EROFS file system and more ┬╗ERdC

8 Huawei phones receive EMUI 9.1 with the EROFS file system and more

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Huawei and its Honor sub-brand have been bringing regular updates to their devices. The company promised to bring the new EROFS file management system on all smart phones based on EMUI 9.1 this year. As of today, 8 new models, including those of the Huawei Mate 9 and P10 series, were updated.

The 8 models to receive the new update are the following; Huawei Mate 9; Huawei Mate 9 Pro; Mate 9 Porsche Design; Huawei P10; P10 Plus; Nova 2S; Honor 9 and Honor V9. All these Smartphone are about to receive the new EMUI 9.1 update. The new update has two main features: el EROFS file management system and GPU Turbo 3.0.

EROFS management system

EROFS is a new file management system developed by Huawei; This offers improved compression to increase performance and speed. This new file manager also allows you to save spice in memory; therefore this is a fairly significant update.

GPU Turbo 3.0

With regard to the GPU Turbo 3.0; The new update adds support for more games in the region of China. This is responsible for adding 51 new titles for Android; This means that there will be a total of 60 games titles supported. The Huawei Turbo GPU is responsible for reducing the energy consumption of the Smartphone; saving up to 10% of the battery. It is also responsible for improving the average frame rate during the game. In this regard, it is a very useful feature for those who use their Android devices to the maximum in games.

Users of the devices receiving this new update must feel very satisfied and happy; It is very good to see how companies like Huawei care about each time providing better support to their users' devices through updates.


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