Youtube for Android hides comments from some users

Youtube for Android hides comments from some users

Youtube is one of the most used services in both mobile phones and computers, tablets and televisions. This implies that the platform is used by hundreds of millions of users, and many of them comment on the videos they watch.

This part, the comments, have turned YouTube into a fairly powerful community and that is why the Google movement attracts attention.

Hiding the default comments

Normally, if we open a video and slide down on the screen, we will see that after the suggestions of other videos, comments appear.

But some users are seeing a warning in the application interface, which informs them that the comments are no longer there. It does not mean that they have been removed, just they have hidden and created a specific section for them.

This section is accessible in a new button that is next to those we already know, such as Share or Download. This new icon will give us access to comments, without other elements hindering us.

If we slide in this interface the comments will be reloaded, showing us the new ones that have been published since we opened the section.

The share section is now hidden next to the description of the video and we will have to hit the arrow in the lower right corner of it to get to that option.

At the moment this change of the interface is not massive and is reaching only some users, which confirms that it is a large-scale test of YouTube, but that it is not yet definitive. In the next few days, if the company understands that the change is successful, we could see it on all our phones.