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Xiaomi launches an interactive whiteboard with LCD screen for less than 6

From time to time, the Asian manufacturer surprises us with some gadget that moves away from its well-known product line. And, although the Chinese firm has an increasingly powerful phone division, you just have to see the impressive Xiaomi Mi 9T, it has a catalog of all kinds. The last example? the Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackbroard, an interactive whiteboard with LCD screen that will make you forget the paper.

As usual in these types of solutions, the firm has used its Mijia sub-brand to present, through its YouPin collective financing platform, a product that is a true sales success. More than anything because the Mijia LCD Blackboard interactive whiteboard offers some really interesting features.

On paper, we find d10 and 13.5 inch models. Both models are made of polycarbonate and have an LCD screen to allow us to get the most out of the new Xiaomi interactive whiteboard. In addition, its lightness and thinness will make them a very usable gadget.

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard board

All the details of the Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard interactive whiteboard

More than anything because, the Mijia LCD Blackboard 10 inches has a 7 mm thick and weighing 195 grams. The model with a 13.5-inch screen weighs 345 grams, maintaining the thickness of the other model.Adms, its price is a joke: the 10-inch model stays at 49 yuan (about 5.70 euros to change), while the version with 13.5-inch screen costs 79 yuan (about 10 euros to change). That said, a ridiculous figure.

Mind you, your possibilities are really interesting. You can use it to draw with your children, with the consequent saving of paper or using this device as a notebook, ideal to leave the shopping list ready.

It allows writing and deleting content as we want, in addition to not emit blue light Therefore, it significantly reduces visual fatigue after prolonged use. All thanks to the liquid crystal of its panel, which also offers a great resolution. Taking into account its functionalities, and adjusted price, it will become a true success in sales.

Just wait for distributors who ship this product, have the Xiaomi Mijia LCD Blackboard interactive whiteboard within its catalog, because it has seemed one of the best gadgets that we should all have in our house. Ms with that price so tight.