What are widgets, how to use them and 7 recommended widgets for your day to day

What are widgets, how to use them and 7 recommended widgets for your day to day

Android Widgets

Practically since the beginning of the Google mobile platform, The customization capacity has been one of the strengths of Android with respect to other operating systems. Google itself wanted to make clear this advantage in the first versions of Android, through functions such as the possibility of modifying aspects of the home screen, including the widgets.

At this point, unless you just started with Android, the widgets should not assume any news. However, sometimes we forget the great potential offered by these small accessories for our home screen.

What is a widget?

Weather widget

Google says of the widgets that are An essential element of Android home screen customization. They are used to be able to view information from the screen No need to access the application associated with each widget.

In some cases, widgets not only show information, but it is also possible to interact with them, so that it is possible to perform various actions – for example, enable or disable device options or settings – from the home screen.

Many widgets are also customizable, which helps make it easier give the screen a unique appearance. And in case no customization options are included, the vast majority of Android launchers offer the possibility to easily change their size.

How to add a widget to your mobile home screen

The process to add a widget to the home screen is extremely simple, and in broad strokes the same that we will follow at the time of add an app shortcut. To do this, simply choose the place where you want to add, and follow these steps:

  1. Long press on the empty space of the home screen where you want to add the widget.

  2. In the drop-down menu, click on "Widget".

  3. Drag the widget you want to add to the empty hole where it will be placed.

And that's it. Following these simple steps, the widget is added to the home screen, and at any time it will be possible to change its size or change its position through a long press.

7 widgets we recommend to use on your mobile

In Google Play there are thousands of applications that include widgets with which to get more out of their functions, and just take a look at the widget menu on your home screen to check. However, we can also find some apps designed exclusively to display information on the screen through widgets. These are some of our favorites of both categories:

Month Calendar

Month Calendar

At the time we chose it as one of the best calendar widgets that can be used on Android. Month Calendar Widget It is a customizable and easy-to-use app that allows you to add a calendar or calendar to the mobile home screen, and choose between various custom styles.

Home Agenda

Home Agenda for Android

Another fantastic calendar widget, and chosen by the Andro4all team as one of the best apps of 2018. Home Agenda is one of the last apps created by the famous developer F. Franco.


Hurry widget