These are all the accessibility news that will arrive with iOS 13

These are all the accessibility news that will arrive with iOS 13

Among the many novelties that iOS 13 brings to mobile devices, we have several that will make life easier for users with disabilities, since the latest version of iOS brings new configurations to improve application interactions for users with various sensitivity disabilities. movement and color blindness. Then we review the most important features of iOS 13, that arrive in terms of accessibility.

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Automatic playback of video previews

Apple already had an option in earlier versions of iOS to allow users with movement sensitivity "Reduce movement" to disable functions such as the weather effects in the Weather application. In iOS 13 there is a motion sensitivity setting, which allows users to disable "Autoplay video previews".

The option is enabled by default, but after being disabled in the Accessibility settings of iOS 13, prevent video previews from automatically playing in Apple applications, such as the App Store. While this was already possible through the App Store configuration, the new feature will be applied throughout the system to all Apple applications and also offer a new API for developers to extend functionality to third-party applications.

Developers can also allow users to override the system configuration to allow automatic previews only in specific applications.

Cross Fade Screen Transitions

Reduce movement

This new configuration is located in 'Movement preferences' within Accessibility and Change the usual side screen transition animation when browsing applications, to a new transition of dissolved cross fade screen to be preferable and less discordant for users with movement sensitivity. This new configuration, called "Prefer crossfade transitions", can be activated only after enabling the configuration "Reduce movement".

Differentiate without color


A new option that comes from Mac to iOS 13 for users with color blindness it is called "Differentiate with color". The new configuration will be available in the panel "Screen size and text" in the Accessibility function.

What this configuration will do is Automatically replace user interface elements that depend solely on color, to offer alternatives easier to differentiate. Apple said during its WWDC 2019 presentation that the new feature helps people with color blindness, including users with deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia who have trouble distinguishing between certain colors that can be critical to understanding or controlling the user interface.

All these news that will facilitate the lives of users with difficulties in their health will be available with the official launch of iOS 13, expected to take place next September.

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