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The Xiaomi Mi 9 improves its camera and modifies its notch with an update ┬╗ERdC

The Xiaomi Mi 9 improves its camera and modifies its notch with an update ┬╗ERdC

Xiaomi has recently introduced its new flagship line: the Xiaomi Mi 9. Approximately one week after the official launch the terminal is located receiving your first update, which includes improvements in the camera section mainly (camera that has been second in the DxoMark ranking, two points behind the Huawei Mate 20 Pro) with new modes assisted by artificial intelligence, and a function to Take screenshots while recording video.

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Original notch

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The update also brought a unusual novelty, which modify the form factor of the notch that we have on the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 9. This apparently comes in response to various requests and complaints from Xiaomi users in the forums since they wanted a notch more similar to that found in a OnePlus 6T for example, so in stable update MIUI a new option is coming to change the appearance of the notch, being able to do it virtually identical to the one that is present in the aforementioned OnePlus 6T.

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<p style=In addition to the improvements in photographic modeling with new modes and options, and offer the option of design change in the notch, the update also incorporates the typical bug resolutions and optimizations of the system that we usually see in every update. Speaking of the camera of the device, remember that it offers a triple sensor 12MP + 48MP + 16MP that offer the functions of standard photograph, optical zoom two magnification (2x) mode macro photography for objectives at a very short distance and sper wide angle mode.

This update has a weight of around 2.4 GB and it is dedicated to the Mi 9 terminals that are sold in the Chinese market, but it is normal that during the next few weeks I also end up arriving at the recently announced global version of the device that was released during the Mobile World Congress 2019.


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